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          第二部分  英語知識運用(共兩節,滿分45分)

          第一節   單項填空(共15小題;每小題1分,滿分15分)

          21.----Could I use this dictionary ?

          ----_____.It’s a spare one .

          A. Good idea   B. Just go ahead  C. You’re welcome D. You’d better not

          22. They chose Tom to be ___captain of the team because they knew he was __smart leader.

          A. a; the         B.  the; the     C.   the; a      D. a; a

          23 Thanks for your directions to the house ; we wouldn’t have found it ___.

          A.   nowhere       B. however     C. otherwise      D. instead

          24.----Tony , why are your eyes red ?

          ---I __ up peppers for the last five minutes .

          A. cut        B.  was cutting     C.  had cut      D. have been cutting

          25. Starting your own business could be a way to achieving financial independence .___, it could just put you in debt.

          A.  In other words       B. All in all      C.   As a result     D. On the other hand

          26. When it comes to __ in public , no one can match him .

          A.  speak        B.  speaking     C. being spoken        D. be spoken

          27. Anyway , we’re here now ,so let’s ___some serious work.

          A.  come up with        B.  get down to     C.  do away with       D. live up to

          28. Among the many dangers_-- sailors have to face , probably the greatest of all is fog .

          A. which         B. what      C. where       D. when

          29. I don’t believe what you said , but if you can prove it , you may be able to __-me .

          A.  convince       B.  inform    C.   guarantee      D. refuse

          30. Life is unpredictable ; even the poorest __become the richest .

          A. shall         B.   must    C.   need     D. might

          31. ___nearly all our money , we couldn’t afford to stay at a hotel .

          A. Having spent          B.  To spent     C. Spent        D. To have spent

          32. ---When shall I call , in the morning or afternoon?

          ----___. I’ll be in all day .

          A.     Any  B. None  C. Neither  D. Either

          33. It is unbelievable that Mr. Lucas Leads a simple life __his great wealth .

          A.  without        B.  despite    C.  in       D. to

          34.He is thought ___foolishly .Now he has no one but himself to blame for losing the job .

          A. to act         B.  to have acted     C.   acting      D. having acted

          35. It was the middle of the night __ my father woke me up and told me to watch the football game .

          A.  that        B.  as     C.  which       D. when

          第二節  完形填空(共20小題;每小題1.5分,滿分30分)


          “Mum, can I invite my classmate Brett over to stay tomorrow night, please? It’s Friday, and we don’t have any _36__.Can I, please?” Mum was sitting at the kitchen table. Dad was _37__next  to her, resting his head on his arms. Mum could _38__that James wanted so badly to have his friend over.

          “I’m so sorry, James,” she said.

          “I’m never allowed to have friends come to the house? Why, Mum?” James asked sadly, almost in _39__.

          “I know it’s _40__ for you,” Mum said softly. “But I’m just worried other people might think we’re a little… strange. And then they would make fun of you.”

          “No, they wouldn’t, Mum,” James protested. “We’re not _41__ at all. We’re just ordinary people.”

          Mum sighed heavily. “To tell you the truth, James, my neck has been so painful that it’s given me a heavy _42__. And your poor father –he doesn’t feel _43__. He really needs a rest.”

          “I can help, Mum!” James said. “_44__ I can make you and Dad feel better, can Brett come over? Please?”

          “Well…”Mum began.

          “Great! Thanks, Mum!” James almost shouted. “Just sit there, don’t move.” He rushed over to the kitchen drawer and _45__ what he needed –two spanners. “Hang on, Mum,” he said. “This won’t take a second.” After some _46__, James was finished. With a smile of _47__ on his face he said, “There! How does that feel?” “Oh, James,” Mum said. “That’s a much better! How did you do it?”

          “Easy,” James said _48__.” Dad had tightened your neck bolts (螺栓) too much! I just_49__ them slightly! I learned that in robotic science at school.”

          “What about you father? Can you ___ him?” asked Mum.

          “I’ll try,” James replied. He __51_ up Dad’s hair at the back of his neck.  and plugged the electric wire into Dad’s head. Then he turned the _52__on. Dad opened his eyes and _53__ immediately . “He just

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