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          2015年高考真题含答案—英语(重庆卷) Word版(一)
          2015-06-10 22:36:44 来源:91考试网 作者:www.mileslife.com 【













          1. Is Peter coming?

          No, he____ his mind after a phone call at the last minute.

          A.    changes      B. changed            C. was changing    D. had changed

          【答案】 B

          2. The meeting will be held in September, but____ knows the date for sure.

          A.      everybody  B. nobody             C. anybody            D. somebody


          3.I just heard____ bank where Dora works was robbed by____ gunman wearing a mask.

          A.      the; /               B. a; /                    C. the; a                 D. a; the


          4.If you miss this chance, it may be years ____ you get another one.

          A.    As                          B. before               C. since                 D. after


          5.I can drive you home.

          ____ , but are you sure it’s not too much trouble?

          A. That would be great                        B. Don’t bother 

          C. I’m afraid not                                      D. Take care

          【答案】 A

          6.____ in the poorest area of Glasgow, he had a long, hard road to becoming a football star.

          A.      Being raised    B. Raising              C. Raised               D. To raise


          7.Without his wartime experiences, Hemingway____ his famous novel A Farewell to Arms.

          A.    Didn’t write                                  B. hadn’t written 

          C. wouldn’t write                               D. wouldn’t have written


          8. We must find out ____ Karl is coming, so we can book a room for him.

          A. when      B. how               C. where          D. why


          9. Bach died in 1750, but it was not until the early 19th century____ his musical gift was fully recognized.

          A. while      B. though            C. that            D. after


          10. Last year was the warmest year on record, with global temperature 0.68 ____ the average.

          A. below     B. on                  C. at                       D. above


          11. Like ancient sailors, birds can find their way____ the sun and the stars.

          A. used       B. having used       C. using               D. use


          12. You ____ be Carol. You haven’t changed a bit after all these years.

          A. must B. can               C. will                 D. shall


          13. In my hometown, there is always a harvest supper for the farmers after all the wheat____ cut.

          A. will have been   B. will be           C. was                 D. has been


          14.He wrote many children’ s books, nearly half of____ were published in the 1990s.

          A. whom     B. which            C. them              D. That


          15. Hel

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