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          2015年高考真题含答案—英语(江苏卷) Word版(一)
          2015-06-13 21:34:42 来源:91考试网 作者:www.mileslife.com 【




          1. What time is it now?

            A. 9:10    B. 9:50   C. 10:00

          2. What does the woman think of the weather?

            A. It’s nice.   B. It’s warm.   C. It’s cold.

          3. What will the man do?

            A. Attend a meeting.  B. Give a lecture.    C. Leave his office.

          4. What’s the woman’s opinion about the course?

            A. Too hard.    B. Worth taking.    C. Very easy.

          5. What does the woman want the man to do?

            A. Speak louder.    B. Apologize to her.   C. Turn on the radio.

          6. How long did Michael stay in China?

            A. Five days.   B. One week.   Two weeks.

          7. Where did Michael stay last year?

            A. Russia   B. Norway.    C. India

          8. What does Sally like?

            A. Chicken     B. Fish     C. Eggs

          9. What are the speakers going to do?

            A. Cook dinner    B. Go shopping    C. Order dishes

          10. Where are the speakers?

            A. In a hospital    B. In the office    C. At home

          11. When is the report due?

            A. Thursday.    B. Friday.    C. Next Monday.

          12. What does George suggest Stephanie do with the report?

            A. Improve it.    B. Hand it in later. Leave it with him.

          13. What’s the probable relationship between the speakers?

            A. Salesperson and customer    B. Patient and doctor     C. Husband and wife

          14. What kind of apartment do the speakers prefer?

            A. One with two bathrooms.    B. One with furniture.    C. One near a market.

          15. How much should one pay for the two-bedroom apartment?

            A. $350    B. $400     C. $415

          16. Where is the apartment the speakers would like to see?

            A. On Lake Street.    B. On Market Street     C. On South Street.

          17. What percentage of the world’s tea exports go to Britain?

            A. Almost 45%.    B. About 30%     C. About 15%

          18. Why do tea tasters taste tea with milk?

            A. Most British people drink that way.

            B. Tea tastes much better with milk.

            C. Tea with milk is healthy.

          19. Who suggests a price for each tea?

            A. Tea tasters.    B. Tea exporters.     C. Tea companies.

          20. What is the speaker talking about?

            A. The life of tea tasters.    B. Afternoon tea in Britain.     C. The London Tea Trade Centre.


          21. The number of smokers, ______ is reported, has dropped by 17 percent in the past one year.

            A. it    B. which    C. that    D. as

          22. Schools should be lively places where individuals are encouraged to _____ to their greatest potential.

            A. accelerate    B. improve     C. perform     D. develop

          23. – Jim, can you work…..?

            --_____? I’ve been working two weeks on end.

            A. Why me   B. Why not   C. What if    D. So what

          24. Much time______ sitting at a desk, office workers are generally trapped by health problems.

            A. being spent     B. having spent    C. spent     D. to spend

          25. _____ Li Hua, a great Chinese poet, was born is known to the public, but….

            A. That    B. Why     C. Where    D. How

          26. It is so cold that you can’t go outside______ fully covered in thick clothes.

            A. if    B. unless    C. once    D. when

          27. The university started some new language programmes to _______ the country’s Silk Road Economic Belt.

            A. apply to    B. cater for    C. appeal to    D. …

          28. It might have saved me much trouble______ the schedule.

            A. did I know    B. have I known    C. do I know    D. had I known

          29. The whole team ______ Donald, and he seldom let them down.

            A. wait on    B. focus on    C. count on    D. call on

          30. The reason why prices ______ and still are too high is complex, and no short discussion can satisfactory can explain this problem.

            A. were    B. will be    C. have been    D. had been

          31. The police officers decided to conduct a thorough, and ______ review of the case.

            A. comprehensive    B. complicated    C. suspicious      D. …

          32. Some schools will have to make _______ in agreement with the national social reform.

            A. judgments    B. adjustments     C. comments    D. achievements

          33. –Why didn’t you invite John to your birthday party?

            -- Well, you know he’s______.

            A.an early bird    B. a wet blanket    C. a lucky dog     D. a tough nut

          34. Many of the things we now benefit from would not be around_______ Thomas Edison.

            A. thanks to    B. regardless of     C. aside from    D. but for

          35. –Go and say sorry to your mom, Dave?

            -- I’d like to, but I’m afraid Mom would not ac

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