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          2015高考真题--英语(四川卷) Word版含答案(一)
          2015-06-13 22:55:31 来源:91考试网 作者:www.mileslife.com 【

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          10页。 满分150分?际允奔120分钟?忌鞔鹗,须将答案答在答题卡上,在本试题卷、草纸上答题不小?际越崾,将本试题卷和答题卡一并交回

          第Ⅰ卷(选择题 90分)


          1.       必须使用2B铅笔在答题卡上将所选答案对应的标号涂黑

          2.       第Ⅰ卷共两部分,共计90分。

          第一部分  英语知识运用(共两节,共40分)

          第一节  单项填空


          1.Sorry, I forgot to lock the door.

           ______ Mike can do it later..

          A.  No way   B. Take your time   C. Nothing serious   D. You're welcome

          2.You _____be careful with the camera. It costs!

          A .must   B. may   C. can   D.will

          3.The books on the desk,       covers are shiny,are prizes for us.

          Awhich    B.what    C.whose         D.that

          4.More expressways         in Sichuan soon to promote the local economy.

          A.are being built  B.will be built  C.have been built D.had been built

          5.Brian is gifted in writing music;he is very likely to be        Beethoven.

          A.a         B.an        C.the         D.不填

          6.There is only one more day to go          your favorite music group play live.

          A.since      B. until      C.when        D. before

          7.Andy is content with the toy.It is          he has ever got.

          A.a better   B.the better  C.a best      D.the best

          8.The exhibition tells us        we should do something to stop air pollution.

          A.where      B.why         C.what        D.which

          9.Little Tom sat         watching the monkey dancing in front of him.

          A.amaze      B.amazing     C.amazed      D.to amaze

          10.Niki is always full of ideas,but        is useful to my knowledge.

          A.nothing    B.no one      C.neither     D.none

          第二节 完形填空


          My previous home had a stand of woods behind it and many animals in the backyard.That first year,I___feeding peanuts to the blue jays,then the squirrels.The squirrels had no____and didnt escape.When I threw carrot slices(薄片),they even came for a nibble().Slowly they came to____me,and by the end of the year they were eating out of my hand.

          That second year,the rabbits_____me,and one would even sit up for slices!While I was feeding them,i____that a groundhog who used to run away was now talking an______interest in this food situation.I carefully extended a long______,with a keen eye on those teeth,and ___,there were times I would have the groundhog sitting next to a rabbit,both munching(津津有味的咀嚼) On carrots.Afew months later,while ___20___,she would even turn her back to me.___21_

          When she was facing away,I reached out and ___22__scratched(搔)her back with my finger,She

          Didnt move.

          By year three,the rabbits and the groundhog were back.The ground hog ___23__didnt have a problem with me scratching her back,and I got an ides,Id always___24__,while sclcing uo carrots,that the end looked like a cap.____25___one day,just to see what she would do ,Igently ____26__ one on top of the groundhogs head.Again,not a ___27__,The next time, Ihad my camera ready to record what you see here,one of several dozen such pictures,____28___she had a slice to eat,she never ___29___ the one of her head.It was a fair __30__ I got a pleasure,and she had yet another tasty treat.

          11.A.avoided        B.started      C.canceled       D.suggested

          12.A.business        B.fun        C.problem       D.privilege

          13.A.help           B.cheat       C.threat          D.exception

          14.A.trust           B.miss        C.admire         D.appreciate

          15.A.feared         B.ignored      C.discovered      D.remembered

          16.A.proved         B.decided      C.noticed        D.understood

          17.A.extreme        B.increasing     C.additional       D.inspiring

          18.A.squirrel        B.rabbit     &n

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