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          第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)




          例:How much is the shirt?

             A. £19.15    B. £9.18    C. £9.15


          1. What does the woman think of the movie?

            A. It's amusing.     B. It's exciting.     C. It's disappointing.

          2. How will Susan spend most of her time in France?

            A. Traveling around    B. Studying at a school.     C. Looking after aunt.

          3. What are the speakers talking about?

            A. Going out.    B. Ordering drinks.      C. Preparing for a party.

          4. Where are the speakers?

            A. In a classroom    B. In a library     C. In a bookstore

          5. What is the man going to do?

            A. Go on the Internet.    B. Make a phone call.    C. Take a train trip.




          6. What is the woman looking for?

             A. An information office.    B. A police station.    C. A shoe repair shop.

          7. What is the Town Guide according to the man?

            A. A brochure    B. A newspaper     C. A map.


          8. What does the man say about the restaurant?

            A. It's the biggest one around.

            B. It offers many tasty dishes.

            C. It's famous for its seafood.

          9. What will the woman probably order?

            A. Fried fish        B. Roast chicken.      C. Beef steak

          听第8段材料,回答第10 12题。

          10. Where will Mr.White be at 11 o'clock?

             A. At the office.    B. At the airport      C. At the restaurant.

          11. What will Mr.White probably do at one in the afternoon?

             A. Receive a guest.     B. Have a meeting.      C. Read a report.

          12. When will Miss Wilson see Mr.Whie?

             A. At lunch time.     B. Late in the afternoon.      C. The next norning.


          13. Why is Bill going to Germany?

             A. To work on a project.    B. To study German.     C. To start a new company.

          14. What did the woman dislike about Germany?

             A. The weather.        B. The food.      C. The schools.

          15. What does bill hope to do about his family?

             A. Bring them to Germany.      B. Leave them in England.    C. Visit them in a few months.

          16. What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

             A. Fellow-travelers.     B. Colleagues.       C. Classmates.


          17. When did it rain last time in Juárez?

             A. Three days ago      B. A month ago    C. A year ago.

          18. What season is it now in Juárez?

             A. Spring       B. Summer     C. Autumn.

          19. What are the elderly advised to do?

             A. Take a walk in the afternoon.

             B. Keep their homes cool.

             C. Drink plenty of water.

          20. What is the speaker doing?

             A. Hosting a radio program.

             B. Conducting a seminar.

             C. Forecasting the weather.

          第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分35分)



          Benjamin West, the father of American painting, showed his talent for art when he was only six years of age. But he did not know about brushes before a visitor told him he needed one. In those days , a brush was made from camel’s hair. There were no camels nearby. Benjamin decided that cat hair would work instead. He cut some fur from the family cat to make a brush.

          The brush did not last long. Soon Benjamin needed more fur. Before long, the catbegan to look ragged (蓬乱). His father said that the cat must be sick. Benjamin was forced to admit what he had been doing.

          The cat’s lot was about to improve.  That year, one of Benjamin’s cousins, Mr.Pennington, came to visit. He was impressed with Benjamin’s drawings. When he went home, he sent Benjamin a box of paint and some brushes. He also sent six engravings (版画)by an artist. These were the first pictures and first real paint and brushes Benjamin had  ever  seen. In 1747,when Benjamin  was nine years old,Mr.Pennington retured for another visit .He was amazed at what Benjamin had done with his gift.He asked  Benjamin’s parents if he might take the boy to Philadelphia for a visit.

            In the city, Mr.Pennington gave  Benjamin  materials for creating oil paintings.The boy began a landscape (风景) painting.Wiliams ,a well-known painter,came to see him work . Wiliams was impressed with Benjamin and gave him two classic books on painting to take home .The books were long and dull. Benjamin could read only a little,having been a poor student.But he later said,”Those two books were my companions by day,and under my pillow at night.”While it is likely that he understoo

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