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          Feed the World with Potatoes

          1. As food prices continue to rise rapidly,there is growing concern about theeffect it will have among the world’s poor.

          2. Increasingly, experts are looking to thepotato as a possible low-costsolution to feeding the hungry. To emphasize the issue, the United Nations hascalled the potato “a hidden treasure” and named 2008 the International Year ofthe Potato. Here’s how potatoes could end the food crisis.

          3. The potato matures more quickly, on less land and in harsher climate thanmost other major crops. Up to 85 percent of the plant is eatable, compared witharound 50 percent of cereals. Its broad adaptability to a wide variety offarming systems is also note worthy.

          4. Potatoes are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, which isrelease their energy slowly, and have only 5 percent of wheat’ s fat content.They contain only a quarter of the calories of bread and,according to the PotatoCenter, when boiled, potatoes have more protein and nearly twice the calcium ascorn. Additionally, they are good source of vitamin C, iron, potassium(钾)andzinc(锌).

          5. The food and Agriculture Organization recently surveyed food priceinflation in over 70 of the poor countries. Cereal price inflation was muchhigher and far more widespread than for potatoes. A significant factor behindthe potato’ s affordability is the fact that unlike other agriculture products,the potato is not yet a global commodity, and has therefore not attractedspeculative investors. Raw potatoes are heavy and carrot during transmit, soglobal trade has been show to take off. Also, potatoes are susceptible(易受影响的) toinfection with disease, hindering(阻碍) export. According to analysts’ estimates,less than 5 percent of potatoes are traded internationally, with prices drivenprimarily by local tastes instead of international demand.

          23. Paragraph 2__B___

          24. Paragraph 3__D___

          25. Paragraph 4__C___

          26. Paragraph 5__A___

          A. Potatoes’ Lower Inflation

          B. Major Food Crops

          C. Healthy Food

          D. Higher Output

          E. Growing Importance of Potatoes

          F. High Price

          27. The potato is cheap because E

          28. The whole world is concerned about food prices because B

          29. Many peopleeat potatoes because C

          30. The potato isnot yet a global commodity because F

          A. it has remained a controversial issue

          B. they are rising rapidly

          C. they are very nourishing

          D. nobody eats it

          E. its yield is high

          F. raw potatoes can decay easily during transit


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