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  • [职称英语真题]2016年答案详解综合C阅读判断
    2016-04-07 06:58:01 来源:91考试网 作者:www.mileslife.com 【



    Time to Stop Traveling by Air

    Twenty-five years ago a young British man called Mark Ellingham decided thathe wanted a change of scenery. So he went to Australia, stopping off in manycountries beween. Healso decided to write about the experience and produced aguide for other travelers making similar journeys.

    In 1970, British airports were used by 32 million people. In 2004, the figurewas 216 million. In 2030, according to government forecasts, it will be around500 million. It’s a growth driven by the emergence of low cost airlines,offering access to all parts of the world for less than £100.

    This has made ahuge contribution to global warming. One return flight fromBritain to the US produces the same carbon dioxide (二氧化碳)as a year’s motoring(驾车). A return flight to Australia equals the emissions (排放)of three averagecars for a year. And the pollution is released at a height where its effect onclimate change is more than double that on the ground.

    Mark Ellingham built his business on helping people travel. Now he wants tohelp people stop –at least by air.

    He is calling fora £100 green tax on all flights to Europe and Africa, and£250 on flights to the rest of the world. He also wants investment to create alow-carbon economy,as well as a halt to airport expansion.

    Mark Ellingham’s commitmentis important because his readers aren’t just thesort of young and adventurous people who would happily jump on a plane to spenda weekend exploring a foreignculture. They are also the sort of people who saythey care about the environment.It's a debate that splits people down themiddle.

    The tourist industry has responded by offering offsetting (补偿) schemes. Asmall increase in the price of a ticket is used to plant trees.

    But critics say that it is not enough to just be carbon neutral. We should beactively cuttingback on putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. And forthe average person,making a plane journey will be his or her largestcontribution to globalwarming. It may be good to repair the damage we do. Butsurely it is better notto do the damage in the first place.

    16. Mark Ellingham spent quite a few days in China on his way to Australia 25years ago.

    A. Right B. Wrong C.Not mentioned

    17. Traveling from Britain to any other part of the world may cost you lessthan £100.

    A. Right B. Wrong C.Not mentioned

    18. A round trip flight from Britain to Australia produces the same amount ofcarbon dioxide as three average cars do in a year.

    A. Right B. Wrong C.Not mentioned

    19. Mark Ellingham has never hesitated toencourage people to travel by

    A. Right B. Wrong C.Not mentioned

    20. Mark Ellingham's readers are not interested inenvironmentalprotection.

    A. Right B. Wrong C.Not mentioned

    21. Critics argue that the best way to protect ourenvironment is not to doany damage to it.

    A. Right B. Wrong C.Not mentioned

    22. Mark Ellingham will collaborate with thecritics in his efforts to fightglobal warming.

    A. Right B. Wrong C.Not mentioned


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